requesting a custom arrangement

The current cost of a standard custom arrangement (four parts, about 3-5 minutes in length) is $500, not including the cost of purchasing the original sheet music, a $25 copyright obtainment fee, and the copyright fee to be paid to the copyright holder. Please message us with your name, performing group name, preferred timeline, song title and any specific details (vocal ranges, favorite recording of the song, etc).

copyright clearance

Each individual performing group must clear their arrangement for legal performance. Prices listed include the arranging fee and a $25.00 copyright clearance fee. Upon purchase, our copyright clearance specialist will reach out with more information about the separate fee that will need to be paid to the copyright holder. Unless otherwise specified, the fee paid to the copyright holder in that process will be $1.99 per copy for choruses and $12.99 per copy for quartets. (**NOTE: Arrangements of songs not available on ArrangeMe can sometimes have exorbitant copyright clearance fees. We strongly suggest checking on copyright before committing to an arrangement purchase if possible.**)

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